Vegan Berry Coconut Smoothie

Simple, deliciously flavored, and with plenty of nutrition, this smoothie makes a great detoxifying snack, especially when you need a quick energy boost. Berries are among the antioxidant-richest foods, especially anthocyanins and flavonoids, providing protection against oxidative stress and the free radical damage done to DNA. They also contain a combination of manganese and copper, with a role in the natural detoxifying processes of your cells. Pair your favorite berries with coconut to enhance the antioxidant absorption and for an unbeatable flavor.

Vegan Berry Coconut Smoothie
Vegan Berry Coconut Smoothie

Vegan Berry Coconut Smoothie

  • Yield: 2


1 cup mixed berries of choice, fresh or frozen

1 cup almond milk

½ cup low fat coconut milk

2 tsp chia seeds, soaked in purified water for 15 minutes

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

½ tsp ground cinnamon



Add all the ingredients into the blender and process to obtain a creamy smoothie.

Serve right away.


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